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It is not a factory-made assembly, but a handmade product that has been completed one by one.

Drag Chain Type

  • This product can be applied to all kinds of machines such as steel making, steel making facilities, machine tools, transporting machine, automobile producing facilities, industrial plants, cold rolling, rolling mill facilities, etc.
  • Operation speed : less than 60 m/min
  • Cable and hose diameter : less than 90%
  • Operating temperature : -25~200˚C
  • Sliding friction : 0.4(when no lubrication)
  • basic color : White galvanized plating
  • materials : SS400, Aluminium(holds SUS stock)
  • Easy to disassemble and install the Cables and Hoses, partitions can be adjusted freely.
  • Holes on the supporter can be machined by order and cables & hoses can be supported more reliably.
  • Various products can be manufactured by order based on 5 kinds of basic models.
  • Additional Cables and Hoses can be installed easily.
  • KS Type is used for various applications and aluminum is used for the supporters to increase the durability, and the plate can be changed to stainless steel if the product needs to be used in rusty environment.
  • Holes on the supporter will be manufactured in accordance with the requirements of cable and hose standard.


Ordering method Cablechain -Type : KS-070 / Radius : 75 / Length : 2m / Q’ty : 2Set

Chain Guide / A-A Cross Section
End Bracket
Type Pitch Cross Section Bending Radius D. Max. Cable / Hose
Inner Width / Height Outside Width / Height
KS-070 70 B(60~300) / 50 B+19.5 / 50 R(75, 90, 125, 145, 200) Ø27
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