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It is not a factory-made assembly, but a handmade product that has been completed one by one.

FS-1 Type

For the protection of Wires and Hydraulic & Pneumatic hoses for machines

  • This product is manufactured using continuous winding method while locking internally, which can prevent the breakaway as much as possible and on the other hand, it is flexible.
  • Beautiful appearance could be accomplished by using galvanized steel sheet and the wires and hydraulic & pneumatic hoses can be protected from outside perfectly.
  • Stainless steel sheet is used for the Spring Steel which is flexible and cannot be oxidized.
  • Wires and hydraulic & pneumatic hoses for the machine tools, industrial robots, automation equipment, etc. can be protected and transported freely.
  • E.G.I galvanized steel sheet (for general supply) / Stainless Steel (SUS 304)
  • 500M/min
Round trip test
  • No damage found even after 10 million times of round trip test.
Calculation Formula for Flexible Duct
FS-1 Type Flexible Duct Standard
Form 0K 0-1K 1K 1-1K 2K 2K-1 2K-2 3K 4K 4K-1 5K 5K-1 6K 6k-1 7K 8K
Outer diameter
A×B (m/m)
20X30 25X60 30X50 50X50 45X85 50X95 60X85 50X115 80X115 80X170 90X140 95X170 110x175 50X190 100X200 110X220
inner diameter
CxD (m/m)
16X26 20X55 23X43 45X45 41X81 45X90 55X80 55X110 74X109 72X162 85X135 88X162 104x170 45x185 92x192 102x212
Bending radius
R±10% (m/m)
55 60 60 120 150 125 130 130 170 170 180 210 250 125 250 250
Weight (kg/m) 0.6 1.1 1.5 1.8 2.9 3.7 3.9 4.5 4.9 5.6 6.8 7.2 7.6 7.7 7.8 8.1
Name to be used when placing the order
A : Steel Spring to be attached to inside
B : Steel Spring to be attached to outside
  • Steel Spring inside attaching method (method A) would be suitable for the following cases.

    - When inside temperature is higher than 70°C
    - When oil or other chemical conditions existed

  • Suitable support would be required for the following cases.

    - From 0kg to 3kg of Flex Duck : When the length is 15 times bigger than the bending radius.
    - From 4kg to 8kg of Flex Duck : When the length is 10 times bigger than the bending radius.
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